TanzPlan Ost
August 23
November 26 2016

TanzPlan Ost dances mulit-local: nine companies and seven places connect East Switzerland and the and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Simon Wehrli's site-specific performance and the three events "Walking", "Exchanging", "Talking" form the Extra Program of TanzPlan Ost 2016. The program highlights the diversity of this landscape and its experiences, and brings public and dancers closer together. 

The Extra Program invites to participate. On this journey, TanzPlan Ost encounters people, which also bring along their own local background and experience. Dancing, walking, exchanging and talking with the choreographers and dancers. Let us all be surprised by this encounter!  

Simon Wehrli / How to Become Clairvoyant

With a wink of the eye and much charm, Simon Wehrli waits outdoors for persons to celebrate the future with him in the here and now. While banality and intimacy follow step-by-step, passer-bys provide the chance to influence what happens and thereby make the unforeseeable visible.

The work of Simon Wehrli resides somewhere in between movement, music, and performance and lives from a high degree of spontaneity. 

Concept, Performance: Simon Wehrli

Walking in Appenzell

During the last days of August, Simon Mayer and Simon Wehrli take a hike through Appenzell, tracking music and dance traditions, customs, and rituals of this area. In exchange with locals and equipped with violin and voice, Wehrli and Mayer want to create a piece revealing this tradition.

For one day, they allow themselves to be accompanied during their hike, and while going, invent formats through which they share what they are experiencing with the accompanying hikers.

Concept, execution: Simon Mayer and Simon Wehrli

Walking in the mountains

The LONELY SUNDAY WALKERS CLUB – LSWC – was launched in 2014 as the second part of Lucie Tuma's Volkskörper [Body Politic or Body of the People] Trilogy #2: Choreography of Tectonics. The LSWC considers taking walks as operations at the edge of human perception, and is positioned as a social practice in between geology, aesthetic experience, and metaphysics. In the context of TanzPlan Ost, Tuma develops routes based on formative tectonic events of the respective areas, and invites participants to a mutual walk. 

Concept, execution: Lucie Tuma

Meeting point September 11: 11:00 Station Oberalppass
Meeting point November 20: 11:00 in front of the Theater Chur


The choreography and dance collective Bufo Makmal will seek out different people in Herisau and Schaan and offer a personal exchange in an intimate setting, e.g., in private residences, gardens, or at workplaces. Thereby, the notion of exchange is to be taken literally. In this sense, a short work of choreography might be exchanged for a cooking recipe, a movement workshop for a story, or a song for a pottery workshop. The means of exchange will be negotiated directly with the respective persons. Visits can be scheduled in advance or the artists hope to engage in spontaneous encounters in the respective locations. 

Concept, execution: Stefanie Fischer, Zoe Gyssler, Margarita Kennedy, Clea Onori, Rosie Terry


Locality also plays a role in the contemporary dance profession: Local scenes call for more solidarity, while at the same time opportunities for connecting to the international market should not be missed. In the framework of a panel discussion with the artists of TanzPlan Ost, the topics to be discussed with invited guests include: what does the "local" means in the practice of the dance profession, what impacts does locality have on training and production practices, what positions do subsidy structures and production venues assume relative to this topic, and, finally, how are the "local" and locality reflected in the artworks themselves.

participants: TBD