Dear audience

Time for TanzPlan Ost! Every two years, TanzPlan Ost shows a cross-section of the current movements of contemporary dance on various theaters, at dance venues and in cultural areas of eastern Switzerland and in the capital city of Liechtenstein. The festival emphasizes the aesthetic diversity as well as the handling of highly topical and relevant topics in local dance production.

TanzPlan Ost is a project that is unique in Switzerland, providing visibility to the local dance scenes, supporting artists through networking and promoting the exchange of knowledge.

Two years ago, TanzPlan Ost dealt with the question of the local or multi-local. This year's edition is dedicated to temporality. Or more precisely: sustainability. In our time, which is becoming more and more multitemporal, and in which more and more possibilities are presented to us in an ever faster rhythm, it seems even more important to cling to something, to pause, but also to let go. The sustainability in the promotion and cooperation with the artists and the venues is not only an important aspect of the cultural policy mission of TanzPlan Ost. The term "sustainability" is also on everyone else's lips - from houses, through agriculture, to development aid everything is described as sustainable. The 2018 program complements and enlivens the german word Na(c)hhaltigkeit for sustainability by putting the "c" in parentheses, thus the idea of "closeness" is also included into the term.

Sustainability does not just mean preserving that what already exists. The word also obliges us to keep close these things that are close to our hearts. The artists of TanzPlan Ost 2018 are looking for closeness not only for themselves, but also to each other - so it is significant that a majority of the participants work in collectives. They take their time, look back in time, in advance - or completely forget the time.

For example in the timeless Klöntal: This year's co-production Nature Poetry by the choreography duo Simon Wehrli and Jasmina Križaj - in collaboration with the musician Daniel Gisler - is dedicated to beautiful things in life, nature and poetry. Perhaps there is no better place of inspiration than the breathtaking natural landscape of the Glarner Valley, where the trio moves outdoors during the Matineevorstellung at the Gasthaus Richisau. They are supported by the students of the dance studio Move from Mollis after a two-day workshop with the company. Fabrice Mazliah, on the other hand, seeks to be close to local dance makers: the choreographer, that originally comes form Geneva, is going to develop a new version of his long-term projekct “In Act And Thought”, together with a group of local and western Swiss dancers. It is the last production of the Forsythe Company, which had been Fabrice Mazliah for almost 20 years. This project, too, looks back on the essential, on the dance itself: the dancers let you get very close, literally invite you backstage and dedicate themselves to their physical knowledge - an opportunity rarely seen as a spectator or viewer , Another fundamental discussion that comes close to us and are discusse within many present productions: the image of women in our society. The trio House of Pain, based in St.Gallen, attacks the much debated yet sensitive topic of "motherhood" by skillfully blending barren self-irony, trashy provocation, and then touching personal experiences into a thought-provoking dance-theater evening. The company HorizonVertical finally, which is honored with this year's choreography promotion price of TanzPlan Ost, embarks on a physically intensive journey into the myths of the past: Three young women dive into the millennia-old history of femininity, embody the suffering, but also the Rebellions of the female sex.

In between, the meeting of the dissimilar duo Robert Steijn and Geraldine Chollet, whose piece was conceived by the Winterthur choreographer Jessica Huber and developed in - very close - collaboration with the performers, captivates. And the ritualized, circling juxtaposition of the two dancers in The Gyre of the young company Tumbleweed puts you in a state of trance that makes you forget the time finally. In order to bring you even closer to contemporary dance, we frame the artistic program with a detailed offer of mediation, which leads you directly into the heart of the work and should be continued after the visit: local ambassadors, the you may even know personally, give introductions, roundtable discussions that contextualise the content, and workshops for teenagers in order to keep the next generation dancing. A big party ensures that hopefully all generations dance together at the same time: the TanzPlan Ost artists plan this for you on a joint sharing weekend, which should intensify the exchange among the participants in advance. And last but not least, art goes through the stomach: TanzPlan Ost offers sustainable soups from food waste, before, between and after the performances. The entire TanzPlan Ost team and the artists look forward to this journey, which brings us closer, connects and, above all, should be preserved as a souvenir. 

Simone Truong, Artistic director of TanzPlan Ost