TanzPlan Ost
September 16
November 17 2018

TanzPlan Ost
5 companies visit 8 towns and connect Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Ambassador project

In advance, local ambassadors get to know a company personally and spend time together during a hike or dinner. The ambassador then introduces the piece through a video message, is present in their hometown during the festival weekend and can thus share the newly gained experience with the local audience.


Region Steckborn: Livia Enderli, science illustrator at the departement of archeology at  canton Thurgau
Region Chur: Andri Perl, writer and dramaturg
Region Appenzell: Kate Baur, co founder ig plan ost and Caro Baur, cultural scientist und journalist
Region St.Gallen: Susanne Menzi-Frank, board member of ig tanzost
Region Zürich: Darienne Hunziker, engagement management at foraus

Promotional Award

TanzPlan Ost's prize for choreography with a total value of CHF 5,000 is supported by the Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA). This year, the company HorizonVertical will receive the award with their piece "Nachtfeder". HorizonVertical, founded by Léa Thomen in 2014, stands for artistic exchange at various levels in the field of contemporary art. In "Nachtfeder", choreographed by Léa Thomen and Linda Pilar Brodhag,  the dancers Léa Thomen, Linda Pilar Brodhag and Lola Villegas Fragoso together with the musician Antoine Arlot set off in search of forgotten memories and immerse themselves in the millennia-old history of femininity.

Intensive workshop for professionals

During this day, all TanzPlan Ost artists will give a 90-minute workshop. The workshops serve as a platform for exchange and networking dance scene of Eastern Switzerland. In this context, TanzPlan Ost awards scholarships that enable dancers to take part in the entire workshop day.

10.00–11.30 Flow and Whirl with Tumbleweed
11.45–13.15 Entrances and Exits with House of Pain Break
14.15–15.45 Snake Dance with Robert Steijn (Chollet/Huber/Steijn)
16.15–17.45 Getting biodegradable with Jasmina Križaj and Simon Wehrli

Description workshop (in german) workshop (in german)

Passing through – Workshop

with Jasmina Križaj and Simon Wehrli

«Passing Through» is an improvisation technique by Venezuelan dancer and choreographer David Zambrano. Using precise exercises, we learn to move through space in curves and spirals and thus to remain in a constant flow of movement. Finally, we dance in the open air at the Guesthous Richisau, where we become part of the «Nature Poetry» performance.


with Tumbleweed

Starting from the practice of the flowing movement of a relationship of two in «The Gyre», we call for a collective encounter. Different couples come together and form a kind of sea of staggering «swings«, which then dissolves into dancing and being together. We are looking for people of all ages and sexes with a bit of physical fitness (dance skills are not a prerequisite). The preparation with Tumbleweed for the Flashmob takes place between 9.00 - 12.00  at Phönix Theater Steckborn.

You can register as a couple or as an individual until 1st of November at cietumbleweed@gmail.com.


«In Act and Thought - Six potentialities for TanzPlan Ost»

In an open rehearsal there is the unique opportunity to gain an insight into the creation process of this piece created exclusively for TanzPlan Ost.

Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah Performance: Alexia Casciaro, Audrey Dionis, Lucia Gugerli, Mirjam Sutter, Sandra Klimek, Simea Cavelti


with Jasmin Hauck (House of Pain) and Michèle Roten

We invite Michèle Roten to discuss the theme of the piece «Mother is the be(a)st» with House of Pain. The author has dealt in depth with the topic of the mother role in her book «Wie Mutter sein» and brings her perspective into the dialogue with the company.

Sharing ritual: The bench

With Jessica Huber and Ramin Mosayebi

Call: Who in Appenzell knows places where a bench would be desirable for resting, for sitting and chatting, for observing people, streets, lights, for sunbathing, or as a change of perspective? We are looking for places in Appenzell (busy, secluded or other areas) that need a bench. Please contact contact@jessicahuber.ch by 16. November 2018 with suggestions and a few lines of explanation.

We want to build benches together and carry them to public places in Appenzell to revive them and make encounters possible. We need you! Selecting the location, building and transporting the benches, «publishing» the benches - all this is part of the ritual. We are looking forward to numerous interested people! Registration by 16 November 2018 at contact@jessicahuber.ch

The Party

«The Party» is a unique and unforgettable party for everyone, created by TanzPlan Ost artists.