TanzPlan Ost
September 16
November 17 2018

TanzPlan Ost
5 companies visit 8 towns and connect Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


holding it together: Act 4 – myself & the other(s)

«Holding it together» is a collaborative performance series based on a desire for an aesthetic of and experiencing exchange. From 2012 to 2015, the Zurich-based choreographer and dancer Jessica Huber has repeatedly invited artists to work in various collaborations on how we deal with the darkness of our time and how we connect and communicate with our environment.

Robert Steijn and Geraldine Chollet both have a penchant for rituals and are fascinated by all things mystical. During their research for the project «holding it together», the two dancers shared their rituals and treatments with each other. Robert has created a dance called «Deer and the Snake Dance», and Geraldine was inspired by the «Reine des Vaches», the queen of cows at the alpine descent in autumn. By swapping their animal dances, the two create new rituals and ask themselves what it means to be there for each other.

Length: 45 min

Choreography: Geraldine Chollet, Jessica Huber, Robert Steijn
Concept: Jessica Huber
Performance: Geraldine Chollet, Robert Steijn

Ambassadors: Kate and Caro Baur (Region Appenzell)

Fabrice Mazliah
In Act and Thought – Six potentialities for TanzPlan Ost

Fabrice Mazliah was after studying dance in Geneva, Athens and Lausanne, until 1997 part of the Nederland Dans Theater and then until 2015 at the Frankfurt Ballet and the Forsythe Company. In parallel, Fabrice Mazliah produces his own pieces and collaborations, and gives seminars, workshops and studios for amateurs and professional dancers.

«In Act and Thought - Six potentialities for TanzPlan Ost» is the fifth in a series of studies based on the in-depth research process for «In Act and Thought», which was created in 2015 for the Forsythe Company. As part of TanzPlan Ost, Fabrice Mazliah is preparing a new edition in 2018 with four local and two western Swiss dancers. The point of departure is the study of the embodied knowledge of the dancers: how can ideas, which are first exchanged implicitly, be silently verbalized only among the artists, and finally shared between the bodies and with the audience? The participants explore numerous strategies, combine movement with language, develop details in elaborate descriptions, become poetic. An experience of complete incompleteness in devotion to performance. 

Length: 45 min

Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah
Performance: Alexia Casciaro, Audrey Dionis, Lucia Gugerli, Mirjam Sutter, Sandra Klimek, Simea Cavelti

Ambassador: Susanne Menzi-Frank (Region St. Gallen)

House of Pain
Mother is he be(a)st

The St. Gallen dance company House of Pain – Jasmin Hauck, David Schwindling, and Cecilia Wretemark – blur the lines between dance and theater, creating images that physically express passion and radicalism. Their work inspires to reflect on socially relevant topics and to discuss them, far away from plain consumption. The dance piece «Mother is the be(a)st» examines the generally accepted theories and prejudices surrounding motherhood. Our society has many roles for this figure: The bad mother, the tiger mother, or the helicopter mother. There is hardly any other character as guilty as our own mother. No matter what a mother tried, she is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. What is the minimum of love a mother has to give and when does she have to stop loving as not to smother her child? Being the best and a beast at the same time, that's gap House of Pain wants to explore in this project.

Length: 60 min

Choreography: Jasmin Hauck, David Schwindling, Cecilia Wretemark Performance: Jasmin Hauck, Cecilia Wretemark, Tobias Graupner
Technical director: David Schwindling
Light: Robin Rasputin

Ambassador: Darienne & Angeles Hunziker (Region Zurich)

Nature Poetry

Jasmina Križaj and Simon Wehrli have been working together since 2011 to explore how specific qualities of movement evolve over time and are passed on to the audience. Daniel Gisler and Simon Wehrli were part of the Winterthur pop band «My Name is George» for three years. In 2013, Jasmina, Simon, and Daniel performed together for the first time on stage. «Nature Poetry» invites opposites to dance: nature and culture. Or: nature and poetry. Inexhaustible eager, the choreographers Jasmina and Simon, and the musician Daniel work together and transform their naiveté into a virtue. In times of informational capitalism, they long for more ambivalence. They rhyme the movements, sing catchy songs to enchanting synthesizer sounds, and recite self-written poems. The audience is invited to reach to their own state of naiveté to develop a childlike desire to participate – and to write poems themselves too, which are integrated into a continuously expanding publication.

Length: 50 min

Choreography and Performance: Jasmina Križaj, Simon Wehrli
Music and Performance: Daniel Gisler
Dramaturgy: Robert Steijn
Light & Set Design: sonda 5 in collaboration with  Križaj/Wehrli/Gisler 
Co-production with TanzPlan Ost, Theater am Gleis Winterthur

Ambassador: Andri Perl (Region Graubünden)

The Gyre

Tumbleweed is a Belgian-Swiss company founded by the Swiss choreographer and dancer Angela Rabaglio and the French choreographer, dancer, and musician Micaël Florentz. Their collaboration began in 2016, inspired mainly by their travels, by science, and philosophy. Their research process first starts with the body and finally merges with the choreographic motif, which always brings them back to the principle of simplicity.

«The Gyre» is a duet, focused on the simple act of walking.

Perseverance and constant circling create a precise yet fragile score. The dancers are driven by an uninterrupted flow of energy and thus deny the self-sufficient wheelwork of their relationship. Subjected to this interplay, the contours of their bodies intertwine and invite to timeless activity.

Length: 20 min

Choreography and Performance: Angela Rabaglio, Micaël Florentz
Technical director: Benjamin van Thiel
Light engineering: Arnaud Gerniers
Music/Composition: Daniel Perez Hajdu

Ambassador: Livia Enderli (Region Thurgau)