TanzPlan Ost
November 14
December 10 2020

TanzPlan Ost - Periphery as a Place for Radical Openness

6 companies visit 8 towns and connect Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Cie. HorizonVertical

For the company HorizonVertical, dance is the motor of artistic activity, in exchange with various disciplines of contemporary art. Léa Thomen, founder of the company, is a dancer, choreographer and visual artist and has lived in Weinfelden TG for three years.

Inspired by the puppet «Crowned Poet» by the artist Paul Klee, the new solo work «Masque-et-toi» negotiates the complexity and contradictions of power. The figure danced by Léa Thomen follows a path of step-by-step transformation, dropping masks and questioning the way power is dealt with. In the confusion and mixing of fantasy and reality, «Masque-et-toi» develops as a choreography of gestures, postures, words and live chalk drawing on stage.

A co-production with TanzPlan Ost Festival 2020 (CH), Phoenix Theater Steckborn (CH) and Théâtre - Maison D’Elsa | Cie du Jarnisy (FR)

Choreography, Performance: Léa Thomen
Music: Julian Julien
Szenography: Xavier Thomen
Lighting: Patrik Rimann
Costume: Marie Thomen
Production, assistant dramaturgy: Linda Brodhag

Cosima Grand

Cosima Grand, a Valaisan living in Zurich, is well-versed in managing the balancing act between marginal spaces and urban centers; her work has been attracting plenty of attention both in Switzerland and internationally over the past few years. «CTRL-V (LP)» has been awarded second place at PREMIO. In addition to studying dance at CNDC in Angers, she graduated from the University of Geneva with a degree in translation.

In «CTRL-V (LP)», Cosima Grand reviews and redefines the relationship between language and corporality together with dancer Milena Keller. They transcribe sentences into movement and break both down into fragments until words become beats, and movement becomes a shiver. Body and language are no longer separate; spoken words are formed within the body, and bodies are defined by using language. The two performers work their way through the power dynamics at play between language and body with persistent repetition.

Concept, choreography, performance: Cosima Grand
Co-Choreography, performance: Milena Keller
Co- Choreography, audio: Aldir Polymeris
Music: Julian Sartorius
Technical director, lighting: Pablo Weber
Szenography: Jasmin Wiesli
Costume: Anne-Sophie Raemy
Dramatization: Désirée Meul, Oliver Roth
Outside eye : Johanna Hilari
Production: Rabea Grand and Ketty Ghnassia

Juliette Uzor / Sebastian Ryser
Twin Thing

The dancer Juliette Uzor and the puppeteer Sebastian Ryser both have a twin sister. These experiences of equality, difference and parallels between people form the starting point of their piece. They combine personal perspectives with socio-political questions. Coming from different disciplines, the two performers seek a common personal (body) language in their play.

The dancer Juliette Uzor and the puppeteer Sebastian Ryser, both from St. Gallen, have been friends for years. Together with the collective E0B0FF they have already realized various theater and dance productions.

A co-production of TanzPlan Ost

Choreography, performance: Juliette Uzor, Sebastian Ryser
Masks: in cooperation with Maurus Leuthold
Stage design: in cooperation with Moritz Lehner
Lighting design: Bastian Lehner
With dramaturgical support from Myriam Uzor

Neopost Foofwa
Dancewalk - Retroperspectives

A poetic, audio-visual and physical analysis of the Dancewalk.

Dancewalk is dance as a voyage: a geographic inscription of dance for multiple kilometers and hours through a city or a landscape.

The opus «Dancewalk – Retroperspectives» is, paradoxically, a 'local' and indoor Dancewalk for the theater. It's an analytic and historical account of the four hundred kilometers danced around the world by Foofwa d'Imobilité since 2015.

On stage, surrounded by one vertical and one horizontal video projectons, a lone female dancer, Alizée Sourbé, dialogues with the audio-visuals of thirty Dancewalk performances. While commenting either matter-of-factly or poetically the images, she dancewalks on the same sport for one hour, incarnating the particular kinesthetic coordination of dancewalking.

Through her live performance, the audience travels around the globe in communion with the dancewalk participants captured on the video: musicians, dancers, amateurs, artists, professionals, children and all sorts of people in Switzerland, France, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Iran, Mali, Burkina-Faso, South Africa and China.

Production: Neopost Foofwa
Co-production: Centre des arts de l'Ecole Internationale de Genève

Reut Shemesh
ATARA - For you, who has not yet found the one

Reut Shemesh’s choreographical works increasingly attract international attention, lastly with an invitation to show «ATARA» at Tanzplattform Deutschland 2020. She was also nominated by the magazine tanz as hope for the future during the 2018/19 season or the Cologne award for dance and theater 2016, which she received for «LEVIAH» (shown at TanzPlan Ost 2016). «ATARA» has been produced in collaboration with dancer Hella Immler, herself a long-time member of the dance company by the St. Gall Theater, Orthodox Jewish dancer Tzipora Nir, and performer Florian Patschovsky.

«ATARA» deals with femininity, especially female sexuality, and its place in society through the lens of orthodox and secular Jewish women. By reenacting situations she has witnessed in her own surroundings (Reut Shemesh grew up in a Jewish household that was both secular and Orthodox) and adding movement, pictures, and text, she creates an oscillating dialogue between the two perspectives. Stereotypes, preconceived notions, and one’s own lifestyle are equally called into question.

Concept, choreography, text, fotography: Reut Shemesh
Creation: Hella Immler, Tsipora Nir, Florian Patschovsky
Performance: Hella Immler, Johanna Kasperowitsch, Florian Patschovsky
Dramatization: Matthias Quabbe
Composition & sound design: Simon Bauer
Video art, stage design, lighting desin: Ronni Shendar
Finances: Béla Bisom
Production & management: Sabina Stücker

ich esse deinen schatten

Choreographer and dancer Micha Stuhlmann is an established persona in the art scene of Thurgau. She shows courage by moving the focus of her audience to issues viewed as less critical by society, such as aging, impairments of any kind, or species extinction.

In «ich esse deinen schatten» (in English: I eat your shadow), Micha Stuhlmann and the Thurgau musician Beat Keller shine a light on old fundamentals of humanity, a creature so driven by emotions, longing, and greed. It is a sort of genesis, expressive through its ambiguous dance language, walking the fine line of persuasive sensuality, reality, and insanity.

Concept, performance: Micha Stuhlmann
Live-music: Beat Keller

The Field
To Those Who Wait

The Field is a new dance collective based in Tanzhaus Zürich. The Field works with open structures and merges local and international elements. Out of creative processes emerge theatrical interventions and stage plays that challenge the common understanding of dance. For TanzPlan Ost, The Field shows a choreography by Declan Whitaker, danced by Lucia Gugerli, who is also part of the collective and their two guests Simea Cavelti and Celina Liesegang of the original cast.

In a world of technological dependence and decreased attention spans «To Those Who Wait» confronts our appetite for immediacy and overstimulation. Tongue in cheek and through a process of deceleration, The Field questions the value of our time. With a contemporary and lucid aesthetic «To Those Who Wait» flirts at the edge of satisfaction and pulls at the borders of refrain, striking a blow to the heart of our hyper-saturated world.

Choreography: Declan Whitaker
Performance: Simea Cavelti, Lucia Gugerli, Celina Liesegang

Technical director: David Baumgartner / With great thanks to Riccardo Tarocco for his valuable input